Trout Stocking

We have an annual event in spring to stock 6+ miles of the creek via canoe with 2yr Brown Trout. This is in addition the the thousands of trout that get stocked by Carpenters Brook Fish Hatchery, who we partner with for our stockings. Using canoes enables us to place fish all along the creek, instead of stocking them at one point as is typical. The fish are put into float boxes, which are tethered to the canoe. The fish are then netted out a few at a time continuously down the river. Sometimes the Hatchery truck meets up with the boats and reloads them. We typically start at Munro Park in the Village of Camillus and take the canoes out at Thompsons road by the Erie canal. It’s a good time! Visit this page or follow us on Facebook for details on the next event.