The mission of the Nine Mile Creek Conservation Council (NMCCC) is to protect the watershed ecosystem associated with Nine Mile Creek in Syracuse, New York from degradation, and to support continued recovery of this area to realize its full potential value to the community. We are dedicated to promoting stewardship for this area in the local community, creating educational programs, recovering appropriate recreational use, caring for and monitoring this river and watershed area.

Report Cover

Preservation Report

The purpose of this report is to call attention to the resource quality and land use opportunities and constraints in the Nine Mile Creek watershed. The report includes detailed inventory of physical, biological, and cultural conditions in the watershed. It also contains three main explorations that could guide future planning efforts: landscape conservation and habitat connectivity; development suitability, and recreation/ site design opportunities.

Water Quotes

“When the well is dry, we learn the worth of water.”

Ben Franklin

“Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep.”

Shakespeare, Henry VI, II, III


Nope, our group is against geographical discrimination.

No, we don’t have any gear.

Ha! You wish! You’ll have to come out and help us trout stocking to find out where all those fish went!

Technically, from the Martisco railroad bridge on the border of the towns of Marcellus and Camillus, and downstream is navigable, but practically the highest you should put in is at Munro Park in the Village of Camillus.

All parts of the Creek (where there is public access) provide fishing action, if you are fishing for trout in particular the best spots are downstream of Marcellus Falls, where there is a large influx of cold groundwater. See the fishing page for more details